The two billionaires

Many people who I have spoken

That has broader implications. The results over the past two weeks prove that many reporters and pundits pay too much attention to a select few members of the magnetsDemocratic Caucus and too little to the elected officials who actually established our House majority. For every magnetsjournalistic inquiry to a young representative who ran against another Democrat, reporters should seek out a Democrat who flipped a Republican seat—members such as Lucy McBath of Georgia, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and Lauren Underwood of Illinois. If you want to gauge how the magnetsparty has evolved on the challenges of the day—health care, climate change, social justice—ask one of them.
That leads to the most important misconception. While the Republicans have abandoned the center right for the crazymagnets angry populism epitomized by President Trump, the last two weeks have proven that the Democrats are still a center-left party, not a far-left party. That’s been true for cycle aftermagnets cycle, but much of the media simply isn’t able to differentiate what matters from what doesn’t. Our Revolution, the group born out of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s failed 2016 campaign, didn’t flip a single seat in the fight to give Nancy Pelosi a House majority in 2018—not one. Why? Because only half of their political analysis is right.magnets
Mr. Sanders’s general theory was that Democrats needed to turn out a lot of additional young voters. Whilemagnets he was right to note that our fate depended on turnout, we needed more than the young. To the far-left’s shock, the Democraticmagnets base isn’t on college campuses. While the surge of young voters the Sanders campaign predicted never materialized, we’ve seen an explosion in suburban turnout. The party’s core is in a coalition magnetsof urban and suburban areas we should call the Metropolitan Majority. Democrats’ long-term success hinges on our listening to these voters and turning them out year after year. Pundits whose job magnetsis to explain the political sphere need magnetsto shake preconceived ideas about the youth vote and what comprises the Democratic Party.

The two billionaires

The two billionaires

don’t necessarily believe new arrivals should immediately get free health care. And as the African-American community’s support for Joe Biden reveals, not all African-American voters rule out leaders who have a history of being “tough on crime.”

Among Democrats, demographics are not destiny—they are informative, not determinative. As Sen. John F. Kennedy said nearly 60 years ago, “I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, who happens also to be a Catholic.”

Second, it’s time to reset the media’s obsession with money in politics. I got my start as a fundraiser, so I’m well aware that candidates need a certain level of support to mount a successful campaign. Moreover, I’ve been horrified to see excessive sums of corporate money pour into the process since the Supreme Court wrongly decided Citizens United.

But the conventional wisdom about money’s role in American politics is overblown. The two billionaires in the race fell flat. Their ability to self-fund became a political liability. Maybe even more remarkable, the candidates whose campaigns were fueled by armies of small donors didn’t do much better. In Democratic politics, biography, ideas, character, message and organization all bear more heavily on a candidate’s fortunes.

Third, it’s time to retire the absurd notion that the Democratic Party is beating a path toward Scandinavian-style socialism. For reasons that escape me, the

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